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HYPNO QLUB !V: Müntzing & Wikström (SE) + GESH (Negari/Bertel) + Tobias Karlehag (SE)

Electronic Special Projects DKK 120 DKK / Stud 60 DKK

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GESH is a new project by composers/musicians Jaleh Negari and Maria Bertel, both co-founders of the collective Eget Værelse and sharing duties in the noise rock band Selvhenter. Utilizing drum kit, synthesizers and amplified trombone this powerhouse duo works its way through long swathes of sound standing on pillars of krautrock, drone and noise.
Both are well down the path of their own solo careers. Besides her solo work, Bertel also performs in groups like G.E.K., Jooklo Danish Group, Vladislav Delay quartet and The BIG Yes. Negari holds a master’s degree in composition from RMC and has released two critically acclaimed solo albums while also taking a seat in the performance group Meshes and the art projekt Fungal Network.

Herman Müntzing is an experimental and improvising musician and composer from Baskemölla, Sweden, who prefer to treat and mistreat different kinds of acoustic and electric objects whenever and wherever it is appropriate. His musical wor...

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Line up:
  • Herman Müntzing - elektronik
  • Qarin Wikström - elektronik,vokal
  • Jaleh Negari - drums, synthesizers
  • Maria Bertel - trombone, effects
  • Tobias Karlehag - elektronik

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