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Median Band (IR)

World/Folk DKK 170

We are lucky enough to be able to present some of the top musicians on the Iranian cultural scene. The five musicians in the Median Band have won many awards, and they will introduce us to the Iranian musical tradition at Winter Jazz at Union.

The Iranian musical tradition:
Traditional Iranian music has a long history of over 1000 years. The music is based on an intricate system that contains a wide spectrum of minor and major keys.

The program consists of two parts, with a short break in between. The first part is played in minor and the melancholic keys "shur" and "dashti". In the second part, the key "isfahan" is played, which is beautiful and romantic. In both parts, the program contains both rhythmic songs with vocals and instrumental pieces as well as "avaz", a kind of vocal that is not rhythmic.

The pieces of music are either composed by the group leader Hooman Mahdavian or are interpretations of famous songs from Iranian music...

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Line up:
  • Hooman Mahdavian: Tar
  • Alireza Daryaei: Viol og Kamunche
  • Farhad Safari: Percussion
  • Sahar Ebrahim: Kanun
  • Saba Pashaei: Vokal

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