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Damkapellet "Demiurge" + Valby Vokalgruppe "Stemmeprismer" + Tactical Maybe

Experimental Vocal Special Projects DKK 120 DKK / Stud 60 DKK

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Demiurge - release concert with Damkapellet
Welcome to the release concert with Damkapellet! This is the debut record of this well established ensemble who have been playing together for 6 years. At the concert you will get to experience the material from the record in a unique setting as the ensemble always play around with new constellations and improvisational elements.
Damkapellet is a music collective formed in 2016 to bring diversity to the Danish music scene by highlighting and performing music by artists who define themselves as women, non-binary or transgender. As an ensemble, Damkapellet embraces large parts of art music, from newly composed music and improvisation to opera, baroque, children's performances, and performance art.

PULS (by Lo Kristenson)
Demiurge (by Randi Pontoppidan)
Further and Back (by Kirstine Lindemann)
Gestalt Minimal lll (by Greta Eacott)

Valby Vokalgruppe (Valby Vocal Group...

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Line up:
  • Damkapellet:
  • Lisa Vogel, violin
  • Julija Morgan, violin
  • Tove Bagge, viola
  • Pauline Hogstrand, viola
  • Mika Persdotter, viola
  • Line Fafner, viola
  • Nicole Hogstrand, cello
  • Oda Dyrnes, cello
  • Ida Nørby, cello
  • Erica Giacoletto, double Bass
  • Randi Pontoppidan, voice
  • Josefine Weber, voice
  • Irene Bianco, percussion
  • Kirstine Lindemann, flute
  • Nadia Okrusko, piano
  • Valby Vokalgruppe:
  • Lil Lacy
Cæcilie Trier
Sonja LaBianca
Anja Jacobsen
  • Tactical Maybe:
  • Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen - alt, bariton, sopran saxofoner, fløjte, alt klarinet, elektronik
  • Nana Pi Aabo-Kim - tenor saxofon & objekter
  • Tom Blancarte - bas & euphonium
  • Halym Aabo-Kim - trommer

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