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Katt Hernandez & Sarah Buchner (US/SE/DE) + Hobby Horse (US/IT)

Experimental Vocal DKK 100 DKK / Stud. 50 DKK

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In this encounter violinist Katt Hernandez and vocalist Sarah Buchner, are presenting their own approach towards the the undisguised character of playing Duo with voice and strings. Through conventional and more extended techniques they aim to create multi-faceted worlds of sound. Sharing a fascination for playing on the line between introverted and intense, the improvisers search common and unknown in each others playing.

Katt Hernandez is a composer, improvisor, violinist, producer and artistic researcher. She moved to Stockholm in 2010, and rapidly began working with  many artists and new music organizations. In addition to solo violin work, she  co-founded The Schematics and Deuterium Quartet, and has worked with a  host of musicians and others in Europes's improvised, electronic and  experimental music and sound art scenes. After earning a Masters degree in c...

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Line up:
  • Katt Hernandez - violin 
  • Sarah Buchner - voice 
  • Dan Kinzelman - winds, voice, electronics
  • Joe Rehmer - double bass, voice, electronics
  • Stefano Tamborrino - drums, voice, electronics

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