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Violent Succulent Joy

World/Folk DKK 70

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A Love Letter To The South African Blue Notes,

Dudu Pukwana comes inside from the cold, takes his jacket off and puts the horn down by the side of the stage. Chris McGregor is poised about to play the first chord. Mongezi Feza takes the trumpet out of the case. Louis Moholo Moholo puts a cymbal on the cymbal stand. Together they play a note, but not any normal note, this note creates a beam of light, a force field of rugged succulent joy that sends ripples across the world.

The music produced by this group of South African musicians escaping apartheid in Europe changed the musical landscape. Never before had Europe seen music with such conviction and purpose, the legacy of which can be felt in all corners of the jazz and improvised music scenes today.

This will be a massive band, playing music by them. An appreciation of what they created, a love letter of sorts. including: Simon Forchhammer, Ben Rodney, Rafal Rozalski, Erik Kimestad among...

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Line up:
  • Simon Forchhammer, Ben Rodney, Rafal Rozalski, Erik Kimestad amongst many others.

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