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Feel good Friday: Vejslev Exploration Band

Free admission

“...bringing together everything from bebop and hard bop to Scandinavian music,
the musicians combine elegant restraint with flashes of playful energy and glee.
Driven by melody and song, the music moves between the subdued and the
impassioned, the past and the present...” (US)
“...touches my soul, the four musicians implement [...] the compositions with great
sensitivity, sometimes they almost dab the melodies onto an imaginary canvas...” - (translated), Wolfgang Giese (GE)
“...With this complete parallel work, Kristoffer Vejslev [...] decided in the most
beautiful way possible to pay tribute to his father Jakob Vejslev, [...] Parallels -

definitely something worth your while” - (translated), Marta Ratajczak
“...notes and tastes like Bill Frisell but with a bite. Slow Burner is one of the finest
opening tracks I have had the luck to he...

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Line up:
  • Kristoffer Vejslev - guitar
  • Andreas Toftemark - sax
  • Anders Ammitzbøl - bas
  • Andreas Fryland - trommer

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