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Oswald/Užameckis/Asheim (CH/LT/NO) + The Young Immigrants (INT) + Westgaard/Ventling

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Oswald/Užameckis/Asheim are a piano trio with a particularly sensitive approach to their improvised music. With diverse backgrounds from the European music field, Margaux Oswald (Switzerland) on piano, Aurelijus Užameckis (Lithuania) on double bass and Ivar Asheim (Norway) on drums move between textural, atonal, melodic and rhythmic landscapes, with great dynamic breadth and eye for details. The three young musicians have each collaborated with names such as Kaja Draksler, Kresten Osgood, Kasper Tranberg, Michael Griener, Lotte Anker, Andreas Røysum, Simon Toldam and Sten Sandell, to name a few.

The Young Immigrants is a group founded by Lithuanian bassist Aurelijus Užameckis, joined by cutting-edge international musicians: trumpetist Erik Kimestad Pedersen, saxophonist Jon Sensmeier, bass clarinettist Marcus Warnheim, percussionist Irene Bianco and drummer Halym Kim.
Their music is a modern manifestation of genre blending and multiculturality. With elements ...

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Line up:
  • The Young Immigrants (INT)
  • Erik Kimestad - trumpet
  • Irene Bianco - vibraphone, percussion
  • Jon Sensmeier - tenor saxophone
  • Marcus Warnheim - bass clarinet
  • Halym Kim - drums
  • Aurelijus Užameckis - leader / double bass
  • Oswald/Užameckis/Asheim:
  • Margaux Oswald - piano
  • Aurelijus Užameckis - kontrabas
  • Ivar Asheim - trommer
  • Westgaard/Ventling - In Orbit:
  • Hein Westgaard - guitar
  • Alex Ventling - prepared piano

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