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IMMUN - Pontoppidan/Bruun/Lindemann + Lars Bech Pilgaard solo

Experimental Vocal DKK 100 DKK / Stud. 50 DKK

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Pontoppidan/Lindemann/Bruun have a telepathic communication that gives an understanding of each other's voices that almost feels choreographed: A master lesson in listening. Enjoy.

Lars Bech Pilgaard has made a name for himself for a decade with his energetic and always sonically search in his guitar playing. Whether it's as a sideman with Bisse, Anja Jacobsen or in some of Pilgaard's own ensembles SVIN, Klimaforanderinger or Slowburn, you're never in doubt about the guitar's owner. Lars Bech PIlgaard's music is in the borderland between noise, sacral nerve and organic improvisation, but Pilgaard's musical expression is in its basic form changeable and he unconditional practice space with room for the absolutely abstract and the perversely concrete. In 2013, Pilgaard released the critically acclaimed solo debut I want you to be around me as a noisy declaration of love for the unimagined possibilities of the guitar. In 2015, he made the cycle paths in the West Jutland uns...

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Line up:
  • Kirstine Lindemann Sørensen - recorder
  • Randi Pontoppidan - vocal & live Electronics 
  • Peter Bruun - drums
  • Lars Bech Pilgaard - guitar

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