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Damkapellet "Chants" + Sounding Society (DK/PL/IT)

Experimental Special Projects DKK 120 DKK / Stud 60 DKK

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Damkapellet performs a new work - Chants - which was written for the music collective by musician and composer Pauline Hogstrand, for whom are a member of the group. With an instrumentation for strings, percussion and organ, the audience is drawn into an intimate musical space that spans between closeness and infinity, where cyclical structures take over each other and are constantly becoming new. The composed work has been given to Damkapellet with room for the ensemble's musicians to develop and shape the music to their own.

The work was commissioned by the Concert Church and supported by the Statens Kunstfond and the Danish Composers Association.

Pauline Hogstrand (SV) is a violist and based in Copenhagen since 2009. With a masters degree in viola from DKDM (2017) has she since studied electroacoustic composition under Kent Olofsson (Malmö Musikhögskola) and composition under Fredrik Högberg (Piteå Musikhögskola) and performs as an artist in differ...

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Line up:
  • Medvirkende i Damkapellet:
  • Julija Morgan, Tove Bagge, Mika Persdotter, Line Fafner, Josefine Weber, Nicole Hogstrand, Ida Nørby, Irene Bianco og Nadia Okrusko.
  • Jonas Stampe aka. Snöleoparden - sitar
  • Kristian Tangvik - electronics
  • Tomo Jacobson - electronics, basses
  • Szymon Pimpon Gąsiorek - drums, percussion, electronics
  • Ylenia Fiorini - gongs, percussion

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