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Miguel Crozzoli & The Strangement Society (INT) + Jessen/Ingves/Asheim (DK/SE/NO) + Margaux Oswald (CH)

Experimental DKK 120 DKK / Stud 60 DKK

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Radio Pulsars is Miguel Crozzoli's fourth composition from his 'SCI Music series': a project that seeks to unveil a musical landscape centered on cosmology and scientific data.
"We listen to the sky beating strongly throughout the night and see the gleaming shades of dense neutron stars. We become when they die, as we could not exist without these pulsating hearts."
Performed by The Strangement Society, a 13-piece electronic-acoustic small orchestra, Radio Pulsars takes on a poetic journey toward one of the wildest and most fascinating truths of the universe.

This Copenhagen based trumpet/piano/drum trio hold your attention in a space of sparse free impro and minimalistic compositions. Like anticipating the first snow, they show you the way through different sonic landscapes, influenced by their common, yet different, Scandinavian upbringing. Mixi...

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Line up:
  • Miguel Crozzoli & The Strangement Society:
  • Miguel Angel Crozzoli - conduction & composition
  • Valeria Miracapillo - electronics
  • Susana Nunes - voice
  • Barbara Kammer - viola
  • Ida Nørby - cello
  • Aurelijus Užameckis - double bass
  • Asger Thomsen - double bass
  • Albert Cirera - soprano saxophone
  • Jonas Engel - clarinet
  • Calum Builder - alto saxophone
  • Nana Pi - tenor saxophone
  • Jon Sensmeier - tenor saxophone
  • Sara Bulili - bassoon
  • Jessen/Ingves/Asheim:
  • Tyge Jessen - trumpets, electronics
  • Karin Ingves - prepared piano
  • Ivar Asheim - drums
  • Margaux Oswald - piano

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