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Angels come in many shapes. What for some is heaven-sent is the devil in disguise to others - while reality might be found somewhere in between (?). The pure of hart and righteous, those who help in hours of need, the fallen, the vengeful, the sanctimonious, the self-sacrificing, messengers and
contact-personel between earth, heaven and hell, dead canonized forefathers, saints, archangels.. ..and those who sing.
Whether Mark Solborg, Anders Banke and Bjørn Heebøll qualifies as pure angels or fallen dittos must be judged by the listener. But granted; all three have, during the course of their comprehensive and impressive work, promoted contact between man and music. Together and separately the trio has performed and recorded with an almost eclectic gathering of artists across genres. Herb Robertson, Evan Parker, Axel Dörner, New Jungle Orchestra, Niels Skousen, Bisse, Slaraffenland, Copenhagen Art Ensemble, Peter Brötzman, Lotte Anker, Danish Radio Bigband, Paul Lovens...

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Line up:
  • Mark Solborg (guitar)
  • Anders Banke (Tenor saxophone & Bass clarinet)
  • Bjørn Heebøl (Drums & Percussion)

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