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Jazzed Up Comedy

Free admission

Each Monday, ENHGAVE PLADS 9 hosts an Open Mic session together with comedian, Thomas Warberg. Where new and known comedians test their material on the audience, under a strict reign and comedy from the very top shelf in Denmark of Thomas Warberg.

During Vinterjazz the three Mondays will be spices up by a jazz trio, which will jam through the different performances, and hopefully reach a unique interaction between jazz and comedy. Or else it will all fall apart, and all you will hear will be a silent cringing.

Join us if you dear, each Monday during Vinterjazz at ENGHAVE PLADS 9.

Line up:
  • Thomas Warberg - host
  • Anders Malta - trompet
  • William Mannerland - bass
  • Karl Seyer - trommer

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