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FOLKAMOK! Kristine Heebøll & Bølgenband

World/Folk DKK 100 DKK

Join us for a joyful and full-bodied music and dance experience when ALICE and FOLKAMOK! present two evenings of folk extravaganza featuring some of the best musicians from the Nordic folk scene.

Focusing on participation rather than individual performance, FOLKAMOK! is an inclusive and community-oriented music experience. Regardless of your previous experience you can join the crowd and get a close encounter with traditional folk dances such as “firtur”, “sekstur” as well as “pardans” with guidance and instructions from experienced folk dancer Henrik Larsen.

Renowned folk music innovator Kristine Heebøl is the driving force behind Bølgenband which combines folk music and dance in energetic ball settings. This evening, the Bølgenband lineup will consist of: Kristine Heebøll (violin), Rasmus Nielsen (piano), Peter Eget (accordion), Tina Quartey (percussion), and Henrik Larsen (dance instructor).

FOLKAMOK! is far from your regu...

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Line up:
  • Kristine Heebøll – Violin
  • Rasmus Nielsen – Klaver
  • Peter Eget – Harmonika
  • Tina Quartey – Percussion
  • Danseleder: Henrik Larsen

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