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Omondo Collective (INT)

The Omondo Collective was established at the beginning of 2020. Based in the Copenhagen-Malmö area, all four artists come from all corners of the diaspora, from Uganda, Guinea, Jamaica, and the US. The collective was formed with the intent to combine knowledge and practices from each artists’ unique interpretations of R&B and hip hop. Each artist has their own unique sound, providing a dynamic and exciting musical experience. This February, they will hit ALICE at Stairway.
Omondos newest member, Wantate, is a Copenhagen-based R&B/soul producer, singer, and songwriter. His keen sense of emotions has allowed his listeners to tap into moments of love. Wantate’s soulful records occupy a sound vulnerability and colorful soundscape.

Petah Moodie
Petah is an independent artist born and raised in the ghettos of Kingston, Jamaica. With a mix of electronic and analogue sounds as his signature, his soundscape is uniquely defined by DR P3 as “a lo...

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Line up:
  • Wantate
  • Petah Moodie
  • Soleil Camara
  • Elijah Okello
  • Djavan Jami

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