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ALAWARI [Få billetter]

Modern Experimental New Danish Jazz DKK 100 (+ gebyr)


ALAWARI is a Copenhagen based musical project with a European sound that brings modern history together in one burning expression. Fragments from ancient wars and revolutions resonate in the music that brings both elements of classical music and jazz into a strong format that has never been more relevant. An orchestral, compositional and improvisational music that seeks to overwhelm and undress the listener’s reservations. Through a strong instrumental and compositional surplus ALAWARI seek to create one intense and present experience that tears the world apart, and invite the listener to rebuild and put it back together. In April 2022 ALAWARI released their debut album in collaboration with April Records and has received stunning reviews and international acclaim.

“A remarkable record for our times and I can’t find a fault anywhere.
- 10/10” Truth & Lies Music Blog

“For signs of the vibrancy and creativit...

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Line up:
  • Frederik Engell - tenorsaxofon
  • Michaela Turcerova - altsaxofon
  • Carlo Becker - trompet
  • Rafal Rozalski - kontrabas
  • Sune Sunesen - piano
  • Simon Forchhammer - trommer

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