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Randi Pontoppidan & Peter Bruun

KoncertKirken , København N

Eksperimental Vokal Elektronisk DKK 100 DKK / stud. 50 DKK


Randi Pontoppidan and Peter Bruun are both masterful improvisers and accomplished musicians. This evening they will performe together for the first time ever. With inspiration from nature and the interplay of light and darkness in a sonic space Bruun and Pontoppidan will get you on a very special journey. Two explorers with lots of curiosity, playfulness and joyful energy that are not limited by any genre. This concert will open doors to raw jazz improvisation, contemporary classical music, folk music and electronica.  Don´t miss this firework :-) 

Randi Pontoppidan is nominated for the 2020 Steppeulven award - best vocalist in Denmark. She is an internationally acclaimed artist, improviser and composer, working with free improvisation, jazz, performance art, electroacoustic composition and sound poetry. She creates vast sonic landscapes full of organic warmth and poetic sensibility, and is known for her extended vocal techniques, often mixed with live electron...

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Line up:
  • Randi Pontoppidan - voice and live electronics
  • Peter Bruun - drums and special effects

Lignende koncerter i Jazz in Copenhagen – Summer 2020