Koncerten er afsluttet

Danger Zone (FR) and Special Guest Sasha Masakowski (US)

Charlie Scott's , København K

Swing Vokal DKK 100


The band Danger Zone from Paris has escaped the Parisian lockdown and take up residency in Copenhagen for a few weeks. This show at Charlie Scott's will be the debute for the band on Danish soil and they do it with a supreme vocalist from New Orleans and New York, Sasha Masakowski.

It will be an evening with jazz of today echoing the whole tradition

Line up:
  • Alex Gilson - Bass
  • Paul Morvan - Drums
  • Calle Brickman - Keyboard
  • Bjorn Ingelstam - Trumpet
  • feat
  • Sasha Masakowski - Vocals and Electronics

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