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John Scofield solo (US) - sold out

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En af de største inden for moderne jazzguitar og modtager af tre Grammy Awards, John Scofield, vender tilbage til Montmartre. Denne gang solo!

Vi vil lade John Scofield præsentere tankerne bag solo-koncerterne:
“My main focus in guitar playing has always centered around being part of a group; exploring the music that happens when musicians listen to each other and improvise together. Quite frankly, until now, I’ve avoided playing solo concerts and have done only one solo performance in public since I was a child. I hadn't considered solo guitar as the perfect platform for improvising. Now, after playing guitar for 56 years, I’m finally interested in going it alone and exploring the possibilities. It's taken me decades to realize that I’ve been playing unaccompanied guitar at home or in hotel rooms every day since 1962! I’ve put a lot of thought in lately to how I can present an evening of solo guitar that represents my passions and sensibilities. My id...

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Line up:
  • John Scofield (Guitar / US)

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