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Søren Kjærgaard Solo (DK)

Eksperimental Avantgarde DKK Adult 120 / Student 80 - 4 day partout 400 / 250


What potential lies in the interferences between presentation and performance, between retrospection and improvisation, between re-play and play? And how can these seemingly disparate fields be converged into a multi-layered, immersive experience where insights are not presented but played out, performed live, in sound, on video?
These are some of the core issues at work in the research practice of solo pianist, Søren Kjærgaard. who seeks to reposition the pianist in multiple locations: physically, sonically, visually, virtually.
In this regard, interference is to be understood as an impulse, a wave, a signal of disturbance that fluctuates in-between formats, clouding clarity, obscuring the message, yet allowing for an altogether different approach of the artist as a messenger, a mediator who transmits information while being at the same time in immediate interplay with his or her own material.
This concert will feature Søren Kjærgaard in performance on a new ...

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Line up:
  • Søren Kjærgaard - videokeyboard

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