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"The School of Honk" + "Sincerity" + "House of Saints" / official selection #2


The School of Honk is an open community brass band that promotes joy and inclusivity through weekly gatherings and parades around Somerville and Cambridge.

To seduce Louise, a young actress, Jean decides to shoot a film. Joined by his friends and muses Mia and Alma, a famous jazz pianist Jimmy and a philosopher called Guillaume, who arrives with a brainy neuroscientist, the team composes the script of the film each day.
Little by little, feelings and creativity are taking more importance than the characters everyone are supposed to play. Does sincerity require the fiction to reveal itself?

Jazz great John Coltrane once said he longed to become a Saint. Reggie Scott has thought about that response for 50 years. Scott's tale is one of fortune and famine. As a child living in the Harriett M. Cornwell Tourist Home, a historically celebrated house in Columbia, South Caroli...

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Line up:
  • Jacky Terrasson, Charles Guerin Surville, Jeanne Damas, Charles Pépin, Manon Palmer og Charlyene Biondi,

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