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“Memoirs of a hip 'ole black man” + “Turtles” / official selections #3


"I don’t need to try to be Vinx, I just be Vinx." This is the opening quote of this film, which raises an immediate question: Who is Vinx?
This documentary film tells his story. He is a respected musician that has worked with world famous artists as Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Tom Jones and Sting. And he is a renown Berklee college of music tutor, trying to pass on some of the knowledge he gained during his more than 35 years musical career.
While being a youngster he was not only playing his drum, but also training as a successful athlete. When politics destroyed his Olympic Dream, his music got him back on track. Then he met Sting who asked him to open for and play with him during his Soul Cages World Tour. Vinx travelled the world and his career got a boost. In this film Vinx tells about this tour and the unexpected effects and consequences for himself, his personal life and his music. We see him at work, on stage and in ...

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Line up:
  • Vinx de'Jon Parrette, Shin ban og Yume.

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