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“The Elementary Places” + “Backstage. Jazz-misteria" + “The Volcano Concert” / official selections #4


"The Elementary Places" is an experimental, non-narrative film etude, exploring the process of creating a musical composition.
The film is an outcome of an interdisciplinary colaboration between the filmmaker, Konrad Kulczyński (www.konradkulczynski.com) and a jazz musician, Olo Walicki (www.olowalicki.com). Tohether they improvise, using various art forms: video, field-recording and live music, trying to reach the essence of art creation.

The film is a place of variations, different versions of the same night of a young saxophonist. The reality and dreams, illusions are mixed behind the school graduation celebration. This is a misteria of meanings, illusions where the main hero get into. The rhythm of the white nights, harmony and improvisation, countless St. Petersburg buildings, which remind of the River Lethe and times and spaces crossing… What is real? And what will you choose to be real...

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Line up:
  • Olo Walicki,

Lignende koncerter i Vinterjazz 2019