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“Bigly Yellow” + “Some of these days” + “Tempo Rubato” / official selections #5


A musical prodigy at 15 and playing with the best, jazz trumpeter, trombonist and composer, Simon Kent is as talented as he was troubled. Enduring on-going battles with mental health, Simon pursues his dream of jazz, creating beautiful music while his life implodes.
Sink into a land of sliding night shadows, slithering and peaked with bent notes, creative highs, babies and lithium smoothed breakdowns. A 21 year distorted tour through gigs, private rehearsal spaces and hospital hallways of a musician slipping off the edge.
Where life is jazz.

This is a comedy documentary about Jazz and dictatorships.
Not “da da da”, “Hey! Ba-Ba-Re-Bop” is the sound of life. You just have to feel it, and then even still lifes swing. 
Nothing is the way it used to be. The ideas about gender roles, for example, or that grandchildren are always unequivocally encouraged in their endeavours. Yet, one thing ha...

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Line up:
  • Simon Kent, Grandfathers, Samuel Torres and Emilsen Pacheco

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