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“The Silent Eye” + “Nothing Here is Perfect” / official selection #6


The Silent Eye is a highly intimate, impressionistic portrait of the unspoken rapport between Cecil Taylor and Min Tanaka - two masters of their form, at work together.

Nothing Here is Perfect is a film of and about improvised music. Fragments of sound and picture from more than a dozen performances at London’s Cafe Oto are woven into an entirely new creation, where a cast of nearly 40 players huddle in the dark, searching for sounds. Their opaque, sometimes harsh melodies are accompanied by a lone voice, who narrates a reimagining of their purpose. Here in this hushed environment we find a hub of resistance, a place of safety and harmony, while the world outside falls apart. In here, total dedication and total control offers rich rewards - a timeless place, a suspension of being, a state that brings you somewhere, somehow, closer to god..

Line up:
  • Cecil Taylor and Min Tanaka,
  • Evan Parker, Eddie Prévost, Thurston Moore, Peter Brötzmann, John Tilbury, Chris Corsano, John Edwards, Mats Gustafsson

Lignende koncerter i Vinterjazz 2019