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Pascal Niggenkemper solo (FR) + Maria Laurette Friis solo

Eksperimental Vokal Elektronisk DKK 100 DKK / stud. 50 DKK


Vallée de l'étranger - the double bass in the age of automation

Pascal Niggenkemper's new solo work 'Uncanny valley’ reflects on the shift that occurs in the work environment due to automatisation, exploring the interaction between human and machine by using an augmented double bass he calls cobonore (word construct btw cobot and & sonore). The instrument becomes a revisited device zoned into eight areas where motors are used.
Described by the New York City Jazz Records as "one of the most adventurous bassists on the scene” and by the Chicago Reader “genius for sound exploration” Franco-German bassist and composer Pascal Niggenkemper creates music bluring the lines between improvised, experimental and pure sound.
The focus of his musical work is the extension of the sonic horizon of the double bass: the acoustic sound modification using preparations.

Maria Laurette Friis hører til blandt de...

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Line up:
  • Pascal Niggenkemper - double bass, cobonore
  • Maria Laurette Friis - vocals, electronics

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