Koncerten er afsluttet

Jon Sensmeier & Sús


Til denne dobbelt koncert presenterer Mellemrummet to unikke solo performances.

Jon Sensmeier
Instead of playing virtuosic or elegant lines, German saxophonist Jon Sensmeier shatters, stretches and folds his sounds into the microscopic dimensions of the binary sound world. This way he creates songs by layers of harmonies, textures and pulses, embedded in detailled and massive sound.


Sús is a Portuguese performer, composer, producer and mixed-media artist based in Copenhagen.
Her songs take inspiration from rituality, folk tradition and abstract electronics, as well as the chaotic soundscapes of our daily life. She writes in her mother tongue, seeking the umbilical connection with her roots. Her intimate narrative navigates towards reinvention and deconstruction by exploring ways of moving forward while carrying ancient knowledge; as if cooking without a recipe but with the reminiscence of a family cookbook. ...

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Line up:
  • Jon Sensmeier - Saxophone and live electronics
  • Susana Nunes - vocal

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