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Radek Wośko World Jazz Special

Moderne Fusionsjazz DKK 108kr voksen entre/ 78 student entre

Wośko World Jazz Special in one of the newest project from the Copenhagen-based, Polish drummer and composer Radek Wośko. The band draws inspiration from various folk music styles from around the world to create a narrative for open improvisations.
Folk music is usually related to certain functions, like dance or religious ceremonies. But it’s also a very interesting language to create other narratives within the music itself. Whether it is Slavic, Nordic or West African there are always interesting tools and there is always a story to be told.

Line up:
  • Luboš Soukup (CZ) - sax
  • Stian Swensson (NO) - guitar
  • Rafał Różalski (PL) - bass
  • Radek Wośko (PL) - drums

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