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Trainman Blues

Blues Vokal World/Folk DKK 108kr voksen entre/ 78 student entre

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Trainman Blues
A dusty and atmospheric blues project, created by Irish singer/songwriter Richard Farrell, and the Danish producer / bassist Laust "Krudtmejer" Nielsen. Bringing the fruits of blues, gospel and soul together, with modern productions techniques, Trainman Blues have received high praise and have gathered a dedicated fanbase throughout Denmark, Europe and the US. Their debut album won best Blues Album at the 2018 Danish Music Awards. Their 2nd release, Shadows and Shapes, was released early in 2021. Received with tremendous reviews and yet again winning not only Best Blues Album at the DMA's, but also Best Live Band. Come and see them in action!

Line up:
  • Featuring:
  • Richard Farrell: Vocals/Guitar
  • Ronni Boysen: Guitar
  • Laust ‘Krudtmejer’ Nielsen: Bass
  • Thomas Crawfurd: Drums

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