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Flemming Agerskov Scotoma Quintet

There is a particularly atmospheric evening in store in Brorsons Kirke, where Flemming Agerskov has put together this quintet of musicians who all have a melodic, sonorous and airy approach to music.
These are musicians who, to a large extent, use the church space as a normal space for expression and are therefore responsive to the "spirit of the place" as a vital partner.
The quintet's musicians have a common background in e.g. the freer improvisation, jazz, the Nordic folk tone, folk and Americana.
The music will primarily be written by Flemming Agerskov, who is compositionally inspired by Nordic jazz, minimalism, Celtic music, Gregorian chant, and French organ composers such as Olivier Messiaen and Jean Alain.
The melodic starting point is often quite simple, mood-setting tableaus, cyclical and minimally changing themes and melodies - mixed with a great deal of improvisational freedom for the individual musician.
Appropriate to the space, time is o...

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Line up:
  • Flemming Agerskov: Trompet, Flygelhorn,
  • Jacob Anderskov: Piano
  • Alex Jønsson: Guitar
  • Esben Eyermann: Kontrabas
  • Bjørn Heebøll: Trommer

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