Lunden KBH

Lundtoftegade 23, 2200 København N
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Lunden was launched in May 2023 with a fantastic open air party with concert and fantastic crow. This was the start of an amazing somerseason filled with guest of all ages who enjoyed the beautiful summer days and evenings full of great food, cold drinks and the best cosy “Kolonihave-vibe”.

The idea behind Lunden has always been to have an active live-stage with talks, reading, concerts and a lot more. This it what we aim to kickstart this summer. We will host many concerts during the summer and the Jazz Festival at Lunden will no doubt be some of the liveliest concert you will experience with artist from all around the world.
At Lunden - everything we do revolves around our principles - were we value inclusion, sustainable workplaces and community no matter what ethnicity, sexuality, age, gender, religion, disability, financial background or other diverse backgrounds you may have.

Practical information

All concerts at Lunden will be outside. We are able to cover a larger outdoor area in case of light rain, but everything takes place outside so dress according to the weather and your amazing taste.
Booking is not necessary for the concerts which primarily are for a standing crowd.
Lunden is an open-air restaurant open from 09-00 for breakfast, lunch and dinner (Sundays we close at 17, Mondays we are closed all day). If you wish to eat you are welcome to book a table through our website. Seats are reserved for guest who dine at the restaurant.

  • ingen nr.
  • Opening Hours: Opening Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 09.00-00.00 Sundays 10.00-17.00 Mondays closed
  • Capacity: 500
  • Payment: Dankort, Mobile Pay, Kontant, VISA, MasterCard
  • Transport: Walking distance form Nuuks Plads Metro and Norrebro Station

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