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"An absolutely rockin' Danish outfit using material from extreme noise, free jazz and creative rock to build a sound and energy that is giving new perspectives on alternative music! Inyourface and without compromises!" - Mats Gustafsson

Selvhenter are part of the art collective eget værelse and honed a sound all of their own - an uncompromising, boundless energetic one that blends the aesthetics of experimental rock, the sophistication of improvised free jazz and the aggressiveness of punk, noise and metal, all performed with passion and humor, sometimes even as music fit for dancing.

The all-female band Selvhenter is part of the bustling and sprawling Copenhagen underground. In a controlled eruption of two drumkits and distorted trombone and alto saxophone they kick against rationalism and the homogeneity of welfare society – and show us that passion doesn’t have to be sung, but can flourish as collective instrumental cramps.

Line up:
  • Maria Bertel (trombone), Sonja LaBianca (sax), Anja Jacobsen (trommer)

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