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Jesper Zeuthen / Jakob Bro / Marilyn Mazur

NB. Jesper Zeuthen will stand in for Palle Mikkelborg as a resultat of sudden illness.

Experience three of Danish jazz's greatest capacities when Jakob Bro and Palle Mikkelborg revisit the music from their acclaimed ECM record "Returnings" with percussion virtuoso Marilyn Mazur.

"There is air in the music, great freedom and a shared desire to create something that cannot necessarily be explained, but felt". This is how guitarist Jakob Bro describes his collaboration with two of Danish music's biggest profiles - Marilyn Mazur and Palle Mikkelborg.

Jakob Bro says: "I have known Palle since I was a child. I played the trumpet myself and listened to him a lot. Our paths have often crossed. We played two concerts at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival back in 2014, which really opened my eyes to the potential of this constellation. A few years ago we talked about collaborating on music for choirs, but we decided to concentrate on improvised music. Gradu...

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Line up:
  • Jakob Bro - guitar
  • Jesper Zeuthen - saxofon
  • Marilyn Mazur - percussion

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