Niels Lan Doky International Jazz Collective

Randersvej 2, 3000 Helsingør
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We are thrilled to welcome you to the Niels Lan Doky International Jazz Collective where you will experience intimate jazz performances on the highest international level with exclusive projects that are curated and produced specifically for us.   


Jazz has evolved to become a truly international art form and Copenhagen has one of the most vibrant jazz scenes anywhere. At the Niels Lan Doky International Jazz Collective we offer an exciting selection of some of our top favorite local, regional and international jazz artists.

Practical information

Niels Lan Doky International Jazz Collective are proud to present their concerts at the NATIONAL MUSEUM OF DENMARK located at Ny Vestergade 10, 1471 Copenhagen K.

Visit Denmark's largest history museum and meet the Danes. From the first settlers that hunted the forest-dwelling giant aurochs to the sun worshippers who built towering burial mounds. Meet the Vikings that tamed the seas and raided the four corners of the known world, the workers that built a welfare state, and the freethinking people that legalized pornography and spearheaded the sexual revolution. Discover the history of Denmark and some of the world’s most precious cultural treasures. The National Museum of Denmark is a must-see for every visitor to the city of

Visit also the museum's newly opened restaurant Smör. With clear references to the Danish classic lunch and local dishes, Restaurant Smör serves fresh interpretations of Danish dishes, spiced with the gastronomic taste notes of historical and modern times.
The restaurant’s gastronomic universe revolves around the craftsmanship, sustainability and local produce - in season and often organic. During the weekends, the restaurant serves the city's largest cake table, with sweet cake seductions for all ages.www.

Concerts forCopenhagen Jazz Festival 2021