Rahel Talts Quartet

Rahel Talts Quartet is a group that plays Estonian jazz pianist and composer Rahel's original music.
The band met while studying at Syddansk Musikkonservatorium in Odense years ago and started playing together in this particular combo around 4 years ago. They play music which could best be described as energetic, acoustic, melodic jazz which has some influences from old traditional jazz and some from modern days, including beautiful, catchy melodies that might get stuck in your head for a while, exciting rhythms and juicy harmonies. It is a blend of many styles, including nordic jazz, traditional jazz, folk, gospel and pop.
Rahel Talts Quartet released their debut album "Greener Grass" in May 2023, which was very well received. The band has toured in Denmark, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Germany and they just had their first Southeast Asia tour with very successful concerts in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.
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Line up:
  • Rahel Talts (Estonia) - piano
  • Donatas Petreikis (Lithuania) - saxophone
  • Mariusz Praśniewski (Poland) - bass
  • Jesper Lørup Christensen (Denmark) - drums

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