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Albert Yde Waidtløw Quartet

this evening in Paradise Jazz, Albert Yde Waidtløw brings three of his absolute favorite musicians. He met Portuguese Miguel Valente while studying at the renowned Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Valente is one of the most talented alto saxophonists in the whole world, and has already won a large number of awards in both the Netherlands and Portugal.
This evening, the audience will also have the pleasure of listening to Matthias Petri and Jacob Lindberg, two of Denmarks leading musicians on their instruments.
Bandmaster Waidtløw promises original music written by himself as well as music written by Herbie Hancock - and possibly some handpicked jazz standards.

Line up:
  • Miguel Valente (PT, as), Albert Yde Waidtløw (g), Matthias Petri (b), Jacob Lindberg (dm)

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