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Simon Toldam mfl.

One of six jazz concerts over three days on the top of Vesterbro: 'Jazz over Byen' - DGI Byen is, for the second time, part of the Copenhagen Jazz Festival's Winter Jazz 2024.

The Simon Toldam Trio has been in existence for 13 years, with four acclaimed releases to their name. The latest, "Omhu," was named the Album of the Year at the Danish Music Awards Jazz 2019. In 2021, the trio was also awarded the Orchestra of the Year by DMA Jazz, and now the trio is set to release a new album in spring 2024. The suite "Alt Er Luft" consists of 8 composed parts, drawing equally from the exploratory tonal language of contemporary music to the spontaneity of jazz. The telepathic interplay makes the trio one of the most recognized and exciting orchestras from Denmark - whether the music is driving or stylish, they have a unique ability to sound like one organism!

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