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Zier Romme mfl.

Classic and atmospheric jazz of high quality. DGI Byen invites you to Winter Jazz 2024 with a total of 6 concerts that can be experienced in venues with a beautiful panoramic view over the rooftops of Vesterbro, at round tables.

Zier Romme Larsen has made a significant mark in the Danish jazz world in recent years. Already at the age of 11, the young pianist was captivated by jazz. The reason: Oscar Peterson. His father had given him a CD of the star pianist, and, in Zier's own words, the music "got under my skin."

The now 30-year-old pianist entered the Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium in Copenhagen at the age of 19 but left school after 2 years, based on a philosophy that "you learn more by going out and playing with people who are better than yourself than by going to school." He has indeed done that, collaborating with well-known names from both the domestic jazz scene and abroad, including Tomas Franck, Jesper Lundgaard, Alex Riel, Hugo Rasmussen, Bob Rock...

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