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Noisy confessions

Noisy confessions is a solo project by Beatriz Gijón, where voice, contact microphones, and soundscape field recordings are included and shared as a process to an audience. Always having free improvisation as a starting point to create a colorful and playful imaginary, “Noisy confessions” has rhythm as a continuous element, on and off, regular and irregular, where the confessions are met.

About Beatriz Gijón

With a background in classical and jazz music, Beatriz has been very influenced by other arts forms, collaborating with actors, dancers, film makers and even scientists in different artistic projects( e.g.sound installation, performance art, short film). All these influences made her music a search for blurring the lines between arts and exploring the performativity of sound.
Between her last projects should be pointed out her last release on 9th January, “An Orange Time”, debut album of ONBEAT, experimental jazz septet that Beatriz le...

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Line up:
  • Beatriz Gijón

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