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Sherzandum + opvarmning George Crotty (CA)


George Crotty
Crotty’s cello playing is kinetic and magnetic. With passion and posture, he evokes sounds from the verdant hills of Ireland to the arid atmosphere of the Levant, always with the rhythmic playfulness of someone who has listened to everything from James Brown to Shakti to Mulatu Astake. The George Crotty Trio makes music that is cinematic, pluralistic, and conversational. They draw on Indian raga, Arabic maqam, and modal jazz; using the language of other cultures to speak new things. “I’m not at home in any one culture,” muses Crotty, “so the trio became my home.” They’ve made a space to belong in and joyfully invite others into.

“A stream of genre-blurring invention.”
—All About Jazz

“Sounds like the cosmopolitan centre Toronto is.”
—Canadian Music Centre

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Line up:
  • George Crotty
  • George Crotty – Cello
  • Jakob Kragesand – Kontrabas
  • Guest musician – Drums
  • Sherzandum
  • Hans Ravn – Trompet
  • Carl Mosbech – Saxofon
  • Christian Herrstedt – Trombone
  • Morten Alkjær – Harmonika
  • Jacob Hastrup – Klaver
  • Jakob Kragesand – Kontrabas
  • Maximilian Vording – Percussion

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