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Black Money Orchestra - NY TID kl 21:00

No advance tickets

The world is changing. Nigeria in the 70’s was a crucial time and space in the history of music. In the fight for freedom appeared a music that today lifts us up all over the world. The combination of the African and the afro-american tradition opened the gate that we today travel by. Music is still the healing force of the universe. Oh friendly listener, let us go to a timespace where the minutes and hours we unite in music can be anything we want!

Line up:
  • Mads Egetoft - sax
  • Simon Spang - sax
  • Jesper Løvdal - sax
  • Claus Højensgård - tr
  • Erik Kimestad - tr
  • Petter hängsel - trb
  • Tavs Bregnhøj - gui
  • Anton Langebæk - bas
  • Simon Eskildsen - Keys
  • Rune Kofoed - perc
  • David besiakov - dr

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