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Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Quintet (JP) – Vinterjazz Warm Up

Eksperimental jazz DKK 150 DKK inkl. gebyr

Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Quintet (ONJQ) is a Japanese free jazz/experimental ensemble led by a composer, sound producer, turntablist and guitarist Otomo Yoshihide.
What John Zorn means to the New York scene, Otomo Yoshihide means to the Japanese. Like an iconoclast, Otomo tackled the jazz repertoire, always with untold respect, virtuosity and skill.
After more than 100 releases, including eight with his New Jazz Quintet, Otomo continues to search for a captivating balance between melodic structures and intense moments of improvisation.
These days Otomo rarely if ever tours, so seeing him live with his quintet is an absolutely unique experience. Malwina Witkowska and No Earplugs agency are proud to announce a very special comeback of the quintet to Europe next year, for a two-week tour in January/February 2024. Not to be missed!

Line up:
  • Otomo Yoshihide: guitar
  • Ruike Shinpei: trumpet
  • Osamu Imagome: trombone
  • Hiroaki Mizutani: double bass
  • Yoshigaki Yasuhiro: drums

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