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A Festival for Bass Lovers!
SELECTED BASS PLAYERS 2024 promises to be a feast for bass enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of musical styles and performances. The festival will showcase the versatility and innovation of the double bass, exploring its role in jazz, pop, classical, and beyond.

Tobaksgaarden announces a groundbreaking lineup of bassists for Vinterjazz 2024, taking place February 15-24. This unique event will showcase the very best in bass-driven music, featuring renowned masters and captivating emerging talents from Denmark and beyond.

Bassists are often the unsung heroes of music, providing the rhythmic backbone and harmonic foundation that drives the music forward. Yet, their contributions are essential, shaping the sound and soul of countless genres. Denmark has a rich history of producing world-class bassists, and Vinterjazz 2024 will pay homage to this legacy. The event will feature performances by:

Adam Ben Ezra...

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Line up:
  • Adam Ben Ezra, bass
  • Chris Minh Doky, bass
  • Thomas Fonnesbæk, bass
  • Kinga Glyk, bass
  • Lennart Ginman, bass
  • Ida Nielsen, bass

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