Giant Steps

Nordre Havnevej 4, 5700 Svendborg
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Giant Steps in Svendborg holds 40 - 42 concerts annually with jazz and world music in all its diverse shades and expressions - all in an exciting and colorful mix of local, regional, Danish and foreign orchestras. A large number of notable names and new bands/soloists from the thriving Danish music scene visit the association, while interesting artists from abroad stop by. And the whole thing is always planned with a focus on quality and artistic renewal.

Giant Steps is an important player when it comes to giving the country's many talented musicians in the jazz and world music genre a platform and a showcase. Giant Steps is very concerned with fertilizing the growth layer. We want to surprise, challenge habits and familiar images. We value curiosity and don't just bet on the safe names. Bands whose original music deserves special attention, we want to give recognition and a push into the limelight.

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