Serridslevvej 2b, 2100 København Ø
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Krudttønden was established in 1990 through the initiative of a number of artists and enthusiasts. Their vision was to create a hub for cultural events on Østerbro in Copenhagen, with concerts, theater, workshops, lectures and other social activities. 

Today, Krudttønden delivers a diverse and varied repertoire, aiming to bridge the gap between upcoming and established artists. Krudttønden has long been a staple in the Danish jazz- and latin scene, but also features music from other genres such as classic rock and pop, singer-songwriter and even electronic music. The club-like atmosphere and maximum capacity of 150 people is the perfect setting for a “close-up” experience between audience and performers. The venue's unique acoustics and mood provide all the ingredients of a highly personal and evocative musical experience full of presence and intimacy.

Apart from being a venue, Krudttønden also contains a theater stage (black box) and a café"...

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Koncerter i Vinterjazz 2021