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Matt Choboter Solo

Contemporary DKK 150/75 for the evening


Matt Choboter | duets with myself

pieces for prepared piano + pre-recordings installation

Matt entwines liminal psychology and dream work; immersive explorations into the deep past; and a sonic practice which absorbs particular features of South Indian classical and Balinese Gamelan. A member of Inner Circle Music (NY), Songlines Recordings (CA) and ILK Music (DK), Matt collaborates with international artists like Lotte Anker, Trichy Sankaran, François Houle and Peggy Lee. His recent projects feature in “Best Jazz albums” on Bandcamp for his releases Postcards of Nostalgia (2023) and Sleep Inertia (2022).

Line up:
  • Matt Choboter | duets with myself

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