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Matt Choboter Solo

Contemporary DKK 150/75 for the evening

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A core fascination over the last few years has been exploring the personification and timbral potential of pipe organs. As a saxophonist, I find there is an intrinsic link between myself, the saxophone and the organ. I approach the organ like I do the saxophone —an extension of my own body — tied to air and breath. This journey culminated in the creation of my own organ, consisting of pipes rescued from old churches across Denmark. Over a series of months, I drove around and met with old organ builders and collectors. I gathered as many pipes as I could. For me, there is a connection between this pipe organ that uses its breath (spiritus/ånde) to create sound and the spirit (ånd) dwelling inside that weaves throughout every inch of this creature until it flows out, filling the room.

Calum Builder blends an eclectic fusion of styles that circle around a theme of post-religious spirituality. Through their vibrant waves of sound, to their small intricacies, Calum's wo...

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Line up:
  • Matt Choboter | duets with myself

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