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Ericson-Klapper-Thomsen: Paraphernalia (SE/CZ/DK)

Contemporary DKK 150/75 for the evening - partout (4 days) 450/250 DKK

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The great Pharoah Sanders once got the question what music he was currently listening to. His answer was that he didn’t listen to any music at all. He preferred listening to airplanes, trains, cars, machines. His fascination was SOUNDS. Sounds that happened to pass by his ears, unaltered by human considerations of creating a musical context of the sounds.
In between the raw sounds existing with no musical intention behind, and the very much considered sounds that many people traditionally think of as music, there is a vast space. Exploring this space has a great interest for many contemporary musicians and sound artists, not the least improvisers. It contains endless possibilities to find new expressions.
This trio moves within this space. Double bass, sax, electronics is mixed with different paraphernalia. Sometimes the instruments sing unaffectedly pure lines, sometimes the focus shifts to sound itself where a jungle of noice, semi-noice and clean pitches may dance ...

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Line up:
  • Sture Ericson - saxes
  • Martin Klapper - lo-fi electronics, amplified objects
  • Asger Thomsen - double bass

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