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Chairs - A Musical Composition Celebrating the Art of Seating (SE/DE/SK)

Contemporary DKK 150/75 for the evening - partout (4 days) 450/250 DKK

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This is the premiere of "Chairs," an avant-garde musical composition that explores the diverse facets of chairs as both phenomena and objects. This piece is crafted exclusively for chairs, utilizing their inherent qualities to evoke sound and movement.
"Chairs" delves into the imaginative realms surrounding these everyday objects, capturing the fantasies, sound qualities, and potential movements inherent in chairs. The composition weaves together improvised interactions between the subject matter and the performers, promising a captivating auditory and visual experience.
The performance will feature three prominent improvising musicians hailing from the experimental music scene in Copenhagen: Michaela Turcerova (SK), Sarah Buchner (DE) and Qarin Wikström (SE). The collaboration between these three musicians promises a fusion of expression and creativity, ensuring that "Chairs" will be a one-of-a-kind experience for the audience.
"Chairs" invites audiences to recon...

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Line up:
  • Michaela Turcerova (SK) –chair/stool/voice
  • Sarah Buchner (DE) –chair/stool/voice
  • Qarin Wikström (SE) –chair/stool/voice

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