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Toldam – Toxværd – Jørgens

Contemporary DKK 150/75 for the evening - partout (4 days) 450/250 DKK

No advance tickets

Embark on a live sonic odyssey with an ensemble that unfolds music in real-time zirphtastic whirls and twistified squigglephonic chaos. Immerse yourself in the spontaneous tapestry of jazzleflutter fusionettes and the mesmerizing glow of melodiwave morphoglow. Traverse the sonic nebula shimmeration, guided by the electroflux quirkstrum and resonating with the chaosymphonic resonatrix. This concert experience is accompanied by transcendent clicks, ethereal hums, shimmering blips, quirky chirps, and cosmic whooshes.

Line up:
  • Simon Toldam: Flygel, keyboard & electronic
  • Laura Toxværd: Altsaxofon & klarinet
  • P.O. Jørgens: Percussion

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