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AFT - Anders Filipsen Trio

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The composer, pianist and keyboardist Anders Filipsen has for the first time created a piano trio under his own name. The trio works in the borderland between improvisation, jazz and modern composition music and draws inspiration from, among others, Ellington and Monk as well as Morton Feldman and Conlon Nancarrow with newly written music by Anders Filipsen.

In addition to Anders Filipsen, the trio consists of Casper Rask (double bass) and Rune Lohse (drums), and the ensemble takes on a floating character in their eternal examination of the spaces between composition and improvisation.

Anders Filipsen is known for his collaboration with a.o. John Tchicai, Stefan Pasborg, Kresten Osgood and Nastio Mosquito and groups such as The Firebirds, Traveling Tribes and The Black Nothing. A distinctive pianist on the Danish music scene who moves freely between genres. The drummer Rune Lohse is, among other things, known from M. Rexen, Horse Orchestra and New Kids, wh...

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Line up:
  • Anders Filipsen Trio

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